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PostSubject: Rules    Sun Jul 02, 2017 12:38 am

All members and staff must follow these rules or there will be consequences.
1)Do not make unnecessary posts.
2)Do not make posts with less then 5 words (i.e lol, wtf, this is funny, what?) or the post will be deleted.
3)Do not revive topics dead for over a week unless you have a proper reason or it is your dorm room
4)Do not double post unless it's your own post and you last posted 24 hours or more ago.
5)Do not intentionally try to offend or insult other members in your post.
6)Posting 18+ imagery/videos is forbidden.
7)Keep cussing to a minimum.
8)Be respectful to your fellow members and staff.
9)Advertising is forbidden in PMs and posts if you would like to affiliate send me and ONLY me a pm and I'll look into it.
10)Do not be a mini mod. Don't make posts saying some is breaking the rules or how they will get banned. Please report it to a staff instead.
11)If you have a signature it must be appropriate so no nudity or swearing or using it to intentionally mock someone.
12)The GFX on this forum belongs to LOA using it anywhere else will get you banned.
13)Making multiple accounts will get you banned.
14)Do not attempt to impersonate staff such as threatening to kick/ban members, fire staff or putting an @ symbol before your name.
15)Do not make a post about politics or religion and respect everyone's views even if they are different then your own.
16)Do not make a post that's used to intentionally insult a group of people or things they believe in.
17) Do not use a music gif in chat or as a signature.

Chatbox Rules
1)Keep cussing to a minimum.
2)Do not post 18+ Material
3)Try not to fight with other members, if you do have a conflict with someone, deal with it via PMs or on DN.
4)You can not advertise your academy or forum.
5)Respect your fellow members and staff.
6)If your gonna post a picture make sure it's not really big.
7)Do not spam.
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